Six Months


I was trying to write something extremely meaningful and profound to celebrate our six month anniversary of living in Colorado but it simply wasn’t happening. A dear friend told me to stop trying to be so profound and just write something- anything and WOW- she was right.

The only slightly profound thing in might have said in my other blog post was that you can live a lifetime in 6 months, so I’ll say that because it’s true. I can’t believe it’s only been six months!


So, here are a few things about living here:

-It’s snowing today- like crazy white out right now and I keep having to say to myself- It’s APRIL. APRIL! WHY IS THERE SNOW IN APRIL?!


-My cats are learning that they are only allowed outside on the top deck where they would most likely die if they  jump off. (When I say they are “learning” I mean, they at least try a LITTLE less to dart out the door every time it’s open.) I’ve considered putting scraps on my front porch to feed a fox, wolf, bear, mountain lion or some predator that my cats see *how awesome I am* at protecting them and have more respect for my authority. (yeah… not likely…)


-It’s kind of like Junior High when it comes to fashion. What I mean by this is that people don’t wear coats when it’s cold outside. (Perhaps they really are that acclimated and simply don’t need them?!) It really took me by surprise how late in the year people wore FLIP FLOPS. I mean really people. Does late October and snow on the ground even make sense? So perhaps they are just being them and I’m being the junior high girl because I’ve been watching and comparing myself to them so I guess *I* have the problem here… (just saved myself a hour of therapy! BAM.) But yeah- to all the folks wearing shorts when it’s 30 degrees outside? NOPE. Although I crave a nice summer dress, it’ll have to wait UNTIL THERE ISN’T SNOW ON THE GROUND.

FullSizeRender-Speaking of snow on the ground… THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND. It’s been there since around Thanksgiving. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around snow on the ground for longer than the Arkansas day or so. Even on the warm days when I’m wearing a tee shirt there is still the white stuff on the ground. My brain simply hasn’t processed this fact. I know this because when a new snow storm rolls in like today I’m still grinning cheerily at it like an old friend. 


-When you live up here full time, people are friendly and really want to connect! Perhaps it’s because it’s a harsher environment so people are in general more agreeable to open up to have community TO SURVIVE THE CRAZY WINTER BECAUSE YOU NEED FRIENDS TO PULL YOU OUT OF A SNOWY DITCH.


– It’s normal to see someone light a pipe around town. No, not like a Grandpa or Hipster Pipe– literally pot is everywhere. I’ll admit, before I moved here I was very much ok with legalizing marijuana because, simply, I’m against a big brother state. Now here, seeing how a nonexistent homeless population boomed after the passing… seeing the stats on the middle and junior high kids (30% the year it was passed) spike with the usage… I’m not so supportive. I get it- people will do it regardless but when kids have access to drugs because mom and dad are smoking now-  it’s actually a problem.


-Church is surprisingly good up here. I didn’t expect to find a church, honestly, and the one I found has been really amazing. The people that go are there because they want to be, it’s not just an activity on Sundays. With only 4% of the county attending church and the evangelical an even smaller minority, it’s a different faith than I’ve ever experienced. One young girl in my bible study said it well, “It’s so nice when I meet a Christian- we instantly have a deep connection!” and I didn’t want to crush her spirit that it’s not like that everywhere…. <awkward laugh..>


-The thing that has surprised me the most is how much I have missed Arkansas spring storms. I think I’ve heard thunder once since I’ve moved here. It’s weird- the lack of activity, electricity and drama when it comes to the skies. I long for it crazy. I mean- this  snowy white out is pretty dramatic for me being that it’s April but it’s not the DANGEROUS TORNADO-Y KIND.


-Work is good! There are good weeks and bad weeks and we are continuing to slowly grow the business. We are about to paint the store and have been slowing doing small improvements where we can. Now that it’s April, we will have a few slower weeks to reorganize and re-vist our goals to make sure that we are on track. Owning your business is everything good and bad that you might think it is. :)


-I kind of love the mountain fashion. I was about to delete this outtake then thought how few pictures I have of what I wear most of the time. I like how the only time I look glamorous is when it’s an accidental shot- but I’ll take it. I feel very model-y! Anyways- long and short of it,  I like getting to wear hats almost every day.

FullSizeRender copy

That is all. It’s been SIX MONTHS.