Sifting and Shifting

IMG_2043Hey there I am SherryK.    I post on occasion here at thebusynothings.  However, to keep from any kind of romanticized idea that I only post on occasion because I might be ,  “the misunderstood, yet, extremely gifted writer that only can put out work when deeply moved and  inspired”, I am going to have to be honest.  I actually seem to post when I desperately need to process something in this wild thing I call life and the only way I can seem to do this is by putting everything down in words for the whole world wide web to read.   So this is one of my many random occasional processing moments to be shared with the world. 



It’s a strange thing when you begin to change without it being one of several things; a desperate need, a choice of your own intention for growth, or the side effects of some wildly blinding stormed tossed season.


Most of us frantically run from change.  Don’t we?….

We run with all our might.

I am talking about the kind of running away that we would do if we found ourselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and while running, we proceed to push and knock people down all around us, so that if we ALL die, they will certainly die first.   ( Don’t judge… you know you would…).

We run because we can’t always tame or control the wild fire-breathing dragon that is change.

Yes I am aware that a moment ago change was a fleet of zombies trying to eat our brains and now it is a dragon…

Just be okay with it people…

Sometimes it’s both zombies and a fire-breathing dragon…

Yet, what we don’t realize is that the  zombies aren’t actually attacking us….

Nope,  they are just running from the dragon as well, but the only perspective we see are the zombies.

Then there is the complete opposite reaction to dealing with change.

Controlling change.

In light of this, we choose change as our drug of choice.  We use and abuse change by repeatedly changing everything on our own long before change becomes something that simply happens.  We want to make sure we can tinker with it and manipulate it to be exactly how we want it in every way.   We become junkies.  Soon change is all we want all the time.   We can’t settle and we run to get our fix.

What would not running for either reason look like?

Peace… it would look like peace. 


However, peace will certainly bring about change but change suddenly wears a very different look.

What if through peace we embrace change like an old friend coming for a nice fall visit?  We would sit chatting together, wrapped in blankets, with chia tea in hand, and wood crackling in the fireplace and we  embrace all that each other have to offer.


Sometimes friends join you around the fire. These are some of my amazing friends enjoy the fall together.

When through peace we being to embrace change it begins to shift our overall desires and you find a road in which you are walking alongside of change instead of wrestling change to the ground.

Peace is currently doing this in my life.

When greeted out of peace change becomes a thing full of joy and love.

Psalm 37 says there is a future for one of peace.

Mark the blameless and behold the upright, for there is a future for the man of peace. Psalm 37:37 

Because of this peace I am finding myself changing. Ever so slightly but changing none the less.  I have realized it feels somewhat effortless, which is a little scary and amazing all at once.

This peace is not a newly given gift.  

Peace was already given and I have  owned it for quite some time.

We are given that gift to have and to hold through Christ’s life, death, resurrection and ultimately resting of Holy Spirit in us when we come into surrender of calling him our all.

No, peace is not something new.

Consistency…. that’s new.

I have begun to see peace for what it is, and for what is is supposed to be in my life for the first time and have come to be satisfied in it.  Satisfied does not mean complacent.  Satisfied means that I am not seeking that which I already have.

Once we stop seeking what is already in our hands (like when you cant find your glasses, phone or keys, and you’re all panicked, because you are already late,  and then you realize you are holding them…. yeah… and you are suddenly glad no one else was home to witness THIS precious moment of life).  

When we stop seeking what we are holding it frees us up to actually move onto the new places in life.

Peace gives us the faith, trust and knowledge of a good father, who finishes all his good works to completion.

I am sifting through so much  each day in my thoughts and my walk with Him and yet, in the same breath, I am actually only shifting my posture to be cozy, warm, and lacking nothing while sitting by the fire place.