Skateboarding: 20 Years later… {#shaunwhitesupplyco}

Whittle and skateboarding

…written by Chris Whittle, dev guru and wannabe skateboarder. 

So let me give you a little background about me. I was that kid in junior high school who wanted a skateboard but their parents were like most and wouldn’t allow it (think of the famous line in A Christmas Story but with the threat of broken appendages). Luckily that didn’t stop me, I had a neighbor that was few years older than me and also a major boarder. He gave me one of his old “grandpa” boards, the thing was like 2 feet wide beat up pretty bad. I gave it a fresh coat of spray paint and started trying to skate.

When I saw the chance to try out a new Shaun White skateboard I jumped at it. I went and found the closest Wal-Mart at lunch one day. As soon as I got into the toy department the display was right there. After looking over my options I had a really hard time not leaving with one of their Hero Stunt Scooters. The boards were pretty nice but I thought some of the board’s graphics were for older children. That being said I decided on the buzzard just because it was the least scary. Check out some more photos of my shop here.

Once I got back to work I had to try it out, 20 years of pent up wannabe skater was too much not to. The first thing I noticed was that the trucks we very loose, I almost fell on my rear but was able to compensate (part of that might have been that I hadn’t been on a skateboard in a while). The second thing I noticed was that the board was nicely shaped, it felt really good. I went out in the parking lot and took it for a spin, and I have to say the ride was pretty decent. I was a noticed that with the small amount of time I spent on it the board took a bit of scarring.

The Shaun White Display at Walmart

I took it home and after dinner I introduced my 6 year old to skateboarding. He thought it was pretty cool, I basically placed him on the board on an incline and he started moving. After a few minutes he was pretty comfortable with it. So now my other kids have heard that we now own a skateboard and are clawing at the change to play with it and I couldn’t be prouder.

re-living childhood dreams

Proud of his new skateboard

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  • Kristin Fenix Wheeler

    Nice job Chris! And your son is starting younger than you so he may turn out to be a pro! =)

  • clgossett

    You didn’t show it, but you fell and hurt yourself, didn’t you Chris? We’re all friends here. You can admit it. And I won’t laugh (publicly) at you! 😉 Seriously cool that your son is into skateboarding. Y’all will have loads of fun together with this!