School Pics: Colorado Edition

IMG_9689OK, so I kind of fibbed. These are morning of school day pics, or, as I like to call it, MOSDP. I remember last fall when people were posting pictures of their kids on Facebook on the morning of the school picture day and the “controversy” it caused.

“Great. Now moms are posting pictures of their kids BEFORE school pictures?!” One mom lamented.

“What happened to just posting school pictures- now I feel pressure to post pictures of my kids on their picture days BEFORE school!” Grumbled another mom.

First of all, chill out people – here are the reasons why I post morning-of-the-school-picture-day pictures.

  • My kids are never dressed up. So please allow me to savor this brief moment of them actually looking cute without clothes with holes or stains on them. And I fixed their hair for like the second time this year!
  • They don’t always have cute school pictures. I get it- I mean kids are just adorable no matter what and that is part of the charm of posting school pics- HOWEVER did I mention that they only get dressed up 1-2 times a year? (we don’t get invited many nice places…) I like pictures where they look snazzy.
  • IT’S NOT A HASSLE AND ACTUALLY FUN for me to take pictures of my kids. I get that it’s not fun for everyone and that’s fine and I really don’t want to make people feel pressure to do something they just don’t want to. I don’t like to crochet or scrapbook but I don’t begrudge someone a beautiful work of art they create in their spare time, nor do I feel bad that I don’t have that particular interest. Photography is a relaxing hobby for me. One of the few things that I know I like to do. (I see a future post coming up where I discuss that I’m re-finding myself after years of working so much I forgot what I even like to do… Another day…)

BUT for now, here are a few of my favorite pics. Happy Friday 13th!