RIP Snickerdoodle {my cat, not the cookie}

Snickers loved sleeping on my shoulders like a nice, warm scarf. We will all miss him very much! 2002-2012

I realize it’s been a pretty epic bad week for my emotions about my dear cat slowly slipping from us – but I didn’t realize how much it was affecting Bear and Bug until I heard Bug playing with his gray puppy- the one that looks just like my cat and said to me, blue eyes wide and  somber, “Puppy died.”

Earlier that week Bear unplugged my cell phone and it frustrated me quite a bit, “Stop unplugging my phone!”

To which he replied, “Why? Because it will die? Like Snickers?”

Knife in the heart.


I know that not everyone is a cat person, so this post is for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have been worthy the love of a cat. To have the love of an amazing cat is something beautiful. Snickerdoodle was a rare, special gift that I got when Ben proposed to me. He had a blue bow that matched his blue eyes and I had always wanted a gray cat.

Snickerdoodle slept with me, tried to eat with me and was amazing with Bug and Bear. He pretty much thought he was human too. He would sit and shake on command and had the best, highest meow that I always mocked him for. We jokingly called him cat-dog and people who hated cats were won over by him after spending a little time with him. He was that amazing. Just 5 days ago he laid on me and rubbed his face on my chin, even though he clearly didn’t feel good. The vets said there was nothing they could do. He lost almost a third of his weight quickly, but still tried to act normal, which was painful to watch.

Better days with Snickerdoodle, sitting on Bear. Just recently they had become friends as Bear learned how to pet him the way he wanted to be and didn’t screech and move around. :)

It’s impossible to even share how I feel here because I keep pushing against the wall of feelings about to flow out and over. I keep telling myself that Snickerdoodle wasn’t a human, but I still feel all this like he is family, because he was to us.

One of my last picture with Snickerdoodle. I’m really going to miss him.

Even exhausted, Snickerdoodle would seek us out and climb in our lap. I like to think that even in his discomfort, he knew that he was very loved and that our attention helped him feel better.

Ben asked if there was anything we could try and they vet said an antibiotic was a long shot, but we could try. Within 24 hours, Snickers seemed more normal, like he was healing. I hoped finally, when he ate almost 1/2 of a can of wet food, and he slept on me like the old days, purring and kissing my face.

Except… his breathing wasn’t normal. It seemed to get worse. and worse. We kept giving him medication but if we were late, he would be there on the ground, breathing with his mouth open. It hurt to watch him struggle, even though he didn’t seem to be in pain. I’ve not felt this sad since Bear was diagnosed with William’s Syndrome.

Bear watching Ben give Snickerdoodle his medicine. *Note Bug in the background- doing who knows what. I’m actually pretty glad how oblivious he seemed to be during this week.

At the vet last week, they think that it was congestive heart failure. He couldn’t breathe and there wasn’t really anything they could do to help him. I think the most sad thing was the fact he was mentally all there, he wanted to get up and do things but just didn’t have the energy.

I have perspective, but it’s not easy. I am hurting and I can’t stop crying, even though I know my decision is best and humane.

I will miss my friend.

I am so thankful that God gave me this last week with him after it looked like he was going to die last week. It’s like I got to hold him, take care of him and then finally choose the right thing for him. It’s not easy, it hurts like hell but I feel peace. I know I was loved by this cat and it’s impossible to be completely sad thinking of all the good times I had with him.

We buried him next to Ben’s childhood dogs out at his parents house. We decided to let the boys be present and I wondered if it was the right decision when Bear told us after we laid him in the grave, “Don’t put Snickers there! He won’t like that, it’s dirty!” but then was distracted by the possibility of going on a 4-wheeler ride. Death is never easy and I’m very thankful for this cooler, cloudy day with the smell of decaying leaves all around. It seems appropriate.

I wanted to finish this blog post with a little humor- this is Snickers a few weeks ago in his Christmas sweater- Bear thought it was the most hilarious thing ever- Seriously- this was the best cat ever. RIP Snickers.

  • Amy

    Oh Heidi, I’m so sorry! I lost my Ghost in September. She was 17 and even though she drove me absolutely crazy most of the time I loved her to pieces. We had a good 17 years together and then she started to get old. And then she started to get sick. She wasn’t eating and she lost a ton of weight super quickly. I was trying to ignore it and prayed for her to pass away in her sleep. My best friend talked me into taking her to the vet, even though we knew there was probably nothing that could be done. They found a large lump in her chest and we knew that was it. I was heart broken but so relieved to have the decision sort of made for me about what to do. I have a picture of her right before we took her to the vet that looks so similar to Snickerdoodle in how their bodies looked. It’s breaking my heart all over again. I’ll be thinking of you guys!

  • TheBusyNothings

    Thanks so much Amy! Yeah, I really thought we’d have him for another 5 or 10 years. It’s so soon and tragic- UGH it hurts so bad. I feel relieved that he is out of pain but I’m so sad that he is not with us. I keep seeing piles of clothes and thinking it’s him. :( Sorry for your loss as well- it’s like losing family!

  • Martha

    Heidi, I’m so sorry. He was the best dog-cat to win this cat-disliker over :). And he could drink from the tap. How cool is that.