President Obama

wow. watching the election coverage on all the channels (actually just 2-22 because cox decided to cut my cable to basic while I bit my nails in anticipation watching Fox and CNN- like seriously- why right then?!) and I feel hope! I know that there is a lot of negativity about this from most of my Christian friends, but the country has decided and I’m going to move on from here and support our new president. I had to vote according to my conscience today at the polls and even as I cast my ballot I kind of wanted to vote for the other candidate. I still feel like there is a lot that is questionable and even though I love lot of his policies, I couldn’t vote for Obama. (in fact, I HATE a lot of them!) But, as I said, I’m excited! What will come? I’m not going to post negative comments as my status on facebook like “I’m moving to Mexico (or Canada)”, “did the anti-christ arrive?” or “the country is going down the crapper” and loads of other negative things. This is the last thing we need now is anger and disrespect for our new president. I didn’t like some of George Bush’s policies, but I never bashed him! Didn’t you, my friends, somewhat hate it when people did? Be the bigger person now and grieve, but ultimately move on. I AM sad, but I choose to be hopeful. Perhaps we’ll embark upon the best four years of our lives- or even, if they are the worst, make the most of them. I’m going to love my husband and baby and family and friends regardless of who is my president. I know that I’m a hippie and all, but isn’t all we need love, people? and as (myself some-what) conservative Christians especially, lets give the world some when they aren’t expecting it!

  • The Clarks

    “is great… well now we have osama and lucifer in charge… this should be awesome… WE ARE SO SCREWED” is an actual quote from facebook and kind of exactly what I’m against. All the quotes I used are real ones. It makes me sad.

  • soldier’swife

    I am excited too Heidi. I know that most people around me are very upset but I look forward to the change we so desperately need. I supported Bush for 8 years and I know he didn’t do everything right but he made me a stronger person and brought my family closer together because of his actions. I support Obama even if I don’t agree with everything about him. He is my husband’s boss and who the people voted into office.

  • Sarea

    I also didn’t vote for Obama (contrary to popular belief), but I am almost ashamed to call myself a “christian’ along with the other ‘christians’ on myspace/facebook that are calling Obama supporters ‘stupid, ignorant, and racist’ . . .it makes me sick.

  • David and Katy

    I’m glad your being mature about it. Its what true Americans are. Supporters of our leaders, no matter who. I am so excited about Obama personally. But it was a great race with two amazing people. I look forward to the future with our new president!

  • Jana

    Some of those facebook status updates were brutal! I should have just stopped reading them because they were so disheartening. I wish more people could have your mindset about all this. Good post =)

  • WiredForStereo

    The ones I was reading were quite similar. I was trying to remind people what being a Christian was all about. I don’t remember Jesus trashing anyone that didn’t deserve it. I guess that’s the worst we can be mad at Obama for, he hasn’t done anything for us to not like yet!!! 😉