Pertaining to First World Problems*

If you read my last post about how our AC went out and I might have gone a little crazy, you might be wondering how that has ended for us.

Well, I am happy to report that as of Wednesday evening we once again have air conditioning! {cue loud cheering crowd}

After posting my plea, things began to happen:

Miracle 1:  The company, which previously had told us that they “couldn’t find the warranty” and that even if they found it, it was likely it “was just going to cover the original owners who bought the unit” and we were out of luck, suddenly found it and said it was covered! This saved us THOUSANDS of dollars we didn’t have.

Miracle 2: Not only did they find their paperwork, they were able to communicate to the people who were going to fix it… and  they actually came and did it. I call that a miracle because it seems that many times we think things will happen and then they don’t. <– see that cryptic statement? 

So, many of you already know, but here it is: da DAHHHHH!


:) Thank you for praying, thank you to those of you who kept offering to help and offered your homes. I am so incredibly thankful to have AC again. I am literally without words right now, which is rare.  I’m deeply encouraged.

* this is the worst possible marketing plan to sell a house ever.

PS. Our house is for sale. Kind of. eventually we’ll get our act together and actually show it. Prayer worked for the AC, can you please pray now that we sell our house?

  • Life as a Convert

    Good luck selling the house. Glad you got AC again!

  • Heidi

    Thanks so much! sorry for the delay in replying- it’s been a busy (and hot!) summer! :)