Parenting Fail: School Programs


Sawyer’s School Program: The Circus!

The other day I had a friend who manages social media ask me if I had a quick story of a parenting fail that I wanted to share on her work account. Coincidently, the previous night I had had a fail…

My mom often tells me that my family is a bit chaotic. I mean, perhaps sometimes I get her point but I actually like stability and predictability. I also happened to marry someone that is the complete opposite- the laissez faire to the clock, schedules and planning ahead.  We occasionally have “time related” conflict. :)

The other night, we sat down to dinner and I got a text from Summit’s school. “Is Summit coming to the school program? If not we need to find someone else for his part.”


WHAT? I texted back frantically, called and there was no response. We looked at Summit, “Summit, buddy, why didn’t you tell us you had a program tonight?” Ben patiently asked.

“I did,” Summit responded, “I said I had a program!”

And it hit us- he HAD been telling us. All the previous week and weekend. He kept talking about a program and us, being unaware and him not being a great communicator combined to us constantly correcting him, “Yes, YOUR BROTHER has a program Monday night dear.” and redirecting him. He didn’t correct us.


I then unhelpfully started crying because I felt like such a terrible parent, how had I missed this?


A bit off the dramatic ending of the song. :D

Ben switched gears to fix, in THAT voice he calmly and certainly said. “Put his shoes on, we are GOING TO THE PROGRAM.”

We scrambled together, dinner left on the table and flew.  It was raining. I hadn’t realized how fast our car could go…

Sawyer was excited, “FASTER! FASTER! It’s like we are in a race car!” he shrieked, “yay!!!”

“I’m so stressed!” Summit wailed. “Why did you forget about my program?”

Our car swerved in and out of traffic.

I overly cheerily smiled, leaning from the front seat (so I wouldn’t see the speedometer), “We are so sorry we didn’t know about this Summit, will you forgive us?”

“Yes, I forgive you,” he sniffed dramatically. Of course he then asked where mine and Ben’s parent’s were- as they were planning on coming to Sawyer’s program. Apologizing profusely, I promised I’d video tape it so they could see it later. (which is why I have such fewer photos of him than of Sawyer…)

We pulled into the parking lot and ran, dragged, splashed to the school like crazy people and squeaky clomped (oh it’s possible)  into the cafeteria where the school program was going on.

The vice principal saw Summit, immediately knew what was going on and helpfully directed him to where he needed go be.

We stood there, adrenaline pumping, sweaty, damp and frizzy haired smiling like maniacs because we did it.

We were 15 minutes late into a 25 minute program but we made it in time for his part! YES! Ben and I exchanged a high 5.


SO thankful that we made it in time for his part. MIRACLE!

We left immediately afterwords to run to Sawyer’s program, just down the road. By some miracle we got there early. I collapsed in a heap in the chair, heart still feeling a bit erratic and twitchy. (and still damp and sweaty.) Done. Still a huge fail but it worked out, which made the night.

I was about to publish the post and realized I didn’t say anything about the actual programs– they were both so great, Summit’s program was on positive actions, “have an attitude of gratitude!” where Sawyer’s was an adorable circus. What a (mostly) great night!

That ended with me with a large glass of wine on the couch. Mercy.


Summit is in this super phase where he’ll only make cheesy or goofy smiles…


My boys! Ben, his dad, my dad and my sweet lil boys.


with my parents (my mom looking super excited!)


Cheeseball with his Grandparents.


Sawyer with 1/3 of his best buddies from school, Ellis.


Sawyer with Aaron.


Sawyer with the twins, Joshua and Jonah.

  • Allyson Twiggs Dyer

    Heidi, I had anxiety for you just reading this! Way to save the day, mom&dad! :-)

  • TheBusyNothings

    Hah! Thanks! 😀