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A Big Announcement…


To anyone who knows us, this isn't actually that surprising of an announcement at all but I suppose it might seem a bit sudden to others. We are moving to Colorado. SOON. {FOR REALSIES} Well, I say that it might seem sudden to some of you but to be honest I'm still in some shock myself over the complete fluidness since this crazy adventure began August 1st.  It's as if every step was … [Read more...]

this I know


  I wrote this a few days ago on my birthday, thinking through the last year and last few weeks. I thought I knew it all when I was in my early and mid twenties but when life got real, I realized how untested I was in my faith. "Life isn't fair" is such an obvious statement in concept but when life event after life event seems to end with failure or pain it's hard not to pout and feel … [Read more...]

the power of an initial


My phone buzzed, again. "What is Ben's middle name?" it inquired. I laughed dryly and turned to Ben. "Another person is asking." He shook his head, annoyed, and I texted back, "Why, because of the list? ;)" Because it's not the first time someone has reached out to me in the last week after the Ashley Madison story broke. ********** There is someone with the same common name as my … [Read more...]

a patch of darkness


Childhood. My toes curled into the long, cold grass. There was a deep burning joy in my heart as I sat near the bottom of the short, steep hill that was flawlessly carpeted. It was summertime hot, fading quickly in the fresh darkness, but the ground was already cool, delighting my senses. Life felt different in this place that wasn’t my home but felt more like home than any place I’d ever … [Read more...]