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ode to my bed (re-posted from myspace)

O dear bed, I love thee soI wish I could sleep some mo'You hold me, keep me warm and snugI sleep, I dream that I have some uggsI'd rather be no where but herebut alas, my child awakes, my dearI'm taken from my warm abodeand I come back, with a loadHe's puked upon you and peed as wellyou are trooper, and have yet to smellAt night, I sneak into your coolnessand I do not feel the least bit foolishI … [Read more...]

Things we’ve apparantly forgotten to tell people…

...and we don't want people to think that these things aren't important b/c of our lack of verbal communication to you all! (or ya'll, as we say here sometimes)For starters, yes, my sister Katy is engaged! We are so excited that dear David is joining the family. They are having a destination wedding in Colorado in January and then will come back for a few days for a small family reception. They … [Read more...]

Why do we have such generic names?

benandheiditheclarksheidiandbenclarksAll the above were names I wanted for my brand spankin' new blog spot here, but noooooo, all the cutsie short ones have been taken and we are stuck with the annoyingly lenghie benandheidiclark. I guess it's ok, it's what our yahoo address it that we never use anymore. We then decided that if we named our blog Summit that our next kids would get jealous so that … [Read more...]