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Sibling Love {Happy Valentine’s Day!}


He's 4, my mighty one. and already he carries too heavy of a burden as a special needs sibling.  He's perceptive and reads situations and emotions better than most adults.  He loves his brother and already has taken on the emotional weight of being a helper and protector. Don't misunderstand. He is so very normal too.  He loves, laughs, fights (way too much...) and yells at his brother … [Read more...]

Here’s to Marketers


Today, I'm raising my mug from the original Starbucks in Seattle that has a k-cup of freshly brewed pikes place roast in it. Cheers!   To you who are a walking cliche without realizing it. When you leave the house on casual Fridays in skinny jeans, Tom's shoes, a cool thrift store shirt, hipster glasses, vintage jewelry (with a story), and hair perfectly disheveled with your earbud … [Read more...]

the hardest part


The hardest parts within the complexities of special needs parenting are the every day ones.  The moments where I simply don't know WHY he's having a meltdown. Language complications worse than foreign or cultural barriers because he's MINE and my family and I want to help him better. His words don't make sense, each individual one does, just not all strung haphazardly together … [Read more...]

Ramblings of Lemon Curd and being a Working Mom


I'm here in a season of change. I haven't gone this long without writing since I was pregnant with Sawer. It's not for writer's block, lack of inspiration or even not enough time. I have sat down to write dozens of times in the last few weeks with a dam of pent up thoughts that simply won't come out the way I want them to. There have been times I've stared wide-eyed at the computer screen with … [Read more...]