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again, surrender


we are CALLED to more than we CAN do.   I've been working on this post for almost a month now, it's not been ready and there is still a lingering feeling of incompletion, but sometimes it's good to post from a place of not-quite-ready. This is such a small part of where I am but it's been a persistent splinter in my finger, causing shooting pains at whatever I have touched. It's been … [Read more...]

Praying THE Prayer


Me: Ok, it's your turn to pray. 4 year old, whining: I don't want toooooo Me: Alright, can you tell me what you are thankful for today? 4 year old: mmmphhhhhhh.... Me: OH! How about the fact that you got a prize from the treasure box at school this week! That means you had self control all week, great job. Are you proud of yourself? God is proud of you too Sawyer. (trying to make it … [Read more...]

Who am I?


Who are you?  I have been asked this a lot lately. I have been asked it in work, outside of work, and even my counselor has asked me this questions.  Each time I have clearly stated my disdain for the question.  "I hate that question", has been the actual statement. As the question was asked more and more and it was a counseling homework assignment, I found I had to answer it … [Read more...]

on being called to live in community


"Where is Japanese?"- asks either of my kids, any time we have a Japanese student living with us. (a lot of the time phrasing questions in this manner as well IN FRONT OF THEM, ex. "does Japanese want ice cream?" "does Japanese want to go outside and play with us?" "HEY JAPANESE!...") "He's sleeping right now, and remember, it's "Yuki (pronounced 'yuk')-- don't call him 'Japanese', it's rude. … [Read more...]