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hot chocolate pancakes

a patch of darkness


Childhood. My toes curled into the long, cold grass. There was a deep burning joy in my heart as I sat near the bottom of the short, steep hill that was flawlessly carpeted. It was summertime hot, fading quickly in the fresh darkness, but the ground was already cool, delighting my senses. Life felt different in this place that wasn’t my home but felt more like home than any place I’d ever … [Read more...]

in vain pursuit


I'm sitting at my dining room table, the crumbs of another take out dinner close by and the to-do list a mile long. I am very aware of these things. Instead, I breath deep and choose the semi-quiet of an unexpected moment. The cicadas sing outside and I have the heaviness of summers remembered settle down on my shoulders. I remember the first time it happened as a young adult.   I … [Read more...]

Engage Disability: 99 Balloons


I got to spend the day with some amazing people. Have you ever had a moment where you exclaimed, "I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!" Well today was that for me. I attended the 99 Balloons Engage Disability conference today in Fayetteville and was simply blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of these people. At one point (ok, like most of the day)  I was choking back tears to be in … [Read more...]

Parenting Fail: School Programs


The other day I had a friend who manages social media ask me if I had a quick story of a parenting fail that I wanted to share on her work account. Coincidently, the previous night I had had a fail... My mom often tells me that my family is a bit chaotic. I mean, perhaps sometimes I get her point but I actually like stability and predictability. I also happened to marry someone that is the … [Read more...]