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I can care. #30daysofReal


My heart hurts. I can't relate to the community in Ferguson and how they are hemorrhaging right now. I can't relate. I WANT to but it feels disrespectful to think that I could understand what they feel without experiencing what they have gone through in their life. However, I CAN listen.  I CAN care. This broken world has such sharp edges that rip apart families and communities. My … [Read more...]

Family #30daysofREAL


Between events, weddings, guests, dinners and etc, etc etc... recovery and life here I am again... In case you missed why Jacqueline and I are writing about 30 Days of real, read here. I hope that you've been enjoying our Instagram, Twitter and FB posts every day! More than us, I've absolutely loved getting little glimpses into the other people that have joined in! Thank YOU! Yesterday … [Read more...]

JUST a few days late… #30daysofREAL


It's 30 Days of Real this month on my blog. If you want to read more about what that means to me, read my blog post back on Sunday --> HERE. My goal was to try to post every day, but in reality that means every other day or every third day. Just keeping it real already on here... So, we are all guilty of trying to appear a bit more... together than we actually are so again, this month is … [Read more...]

I will outlast them! #30daysofREAL


Today starts a new month and even though it's almost the end of the year, I feel like I'm starting over today in some ways.  Last year on my blog and social media I did 30 days of Thanksgiving for the month of November which was amazing, but this year I've decided to do 30 days of REAL with my in-real-life friend Jacqueline from Creative Outpour who I've known almost half my life. She's an … [Read more...]