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Mountains of silence


I am currently at the end of an eight day journey alone. Yep you read that... Alone. P.S. My dog has been with me. =-) I have never really done this before... This being going off on a long trip alone. I have been through some challenging situations in the last several weeks in my personal life and in this time I have questioned a lot in my life. This journey alone has been in … [Read more...]

impatience in the journey


Lately I've not been able to write. Part of that is that I've been extra busy at work but even when I've had time there has been such a huge mental block -- it's frustrating to say the least. Last night my schedule unexpectedly opened up and I was able to go to a meeting at my church and sit down with a group of women, most of whom I'd never met without knowing really what we'd be discussing. I … [Read more...]

Pertaining to First World Problems*


If you read my last post about how our AC went out and I might have gone a little crazy, you might be wondering how that has ended for us. Well, I am happy to report that as of Wednesday evening we once again have air conditioning! {cue loud cheering crowd} After posting my plea, things began to happen: Miracle 1:  The company, which previously had told us that they "couldn't find the … [Read more...]

Falling with Style


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