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Life with Boys {Colorado Edition}


Before:After: I love having boys. I just spend the last 10 days straight with these two characters and was left wanting more. Don't misunderstand, I had a few many break downs along the way but I'm blown away from how much I enjoy spending time with them. They are really cool (BUSY) people. They are hilarious and enjoyable.  I found a bit more of myself with them- starting seeing some … [Read more...]

the story of community


Why is church community so hard? I stood awkwardly in my 4"wedge heels on the grass by the playground I wouldn't have worn if I had better read the emails from my church saying we were having an outdoor picnic. Feeling a little silly, I sighed and watched the clusters of small groups eating and enjoying their dinner. I wish I was more outgoing and friendly- but I freeze in these … [Read more...]

Risky Business


Sherry is a guest writer on the busynothings and has shared many stories and moments check out her last post to catch up on the journey she is sharing here.   Risk. It is one of the most cringe worthy and yet beautiful words in our language. I personally hate risk. Hate it. A friend and I were talking about risk and how we spend so much of our lives being taught things … [Read more...]

Seasons of Rain


I read recently that your blog should reflect fully how you talk and act in person in order to be a place of authenticity. As much as I want to agree that mine is like that, I don't feel like it is fully- my blog is a true reflection of what I say- but you can't hear the inflection in my voice or see my facial expressions with dramatic arm gestures that lighten most of the heavy things that I talk … [Read more...]