One Day Without Shoes #withoutshoes

Today, in support of One Day Without Shoes, I’m going barefoot.

I’m a clean freak, I’m a tenderfoot and I hate having dirty feet.

Which is why I am doing this.

By habit I had already put my shoes on this morning and walked out the door to take Bear to school and realized when I got home that this is something many people don’t have the luxury of. It’s not just that this is the most important cause of all- I’m not trying to get overly cause oriented here, but it’s ALL of the things that we take for granted, so this is just my flag for today.

What can you do?

1. Go without shoes the rest of the day. People will ask why- tell them about the website OneDayWithoutShoes. Share on Twitter and FB. #onedaywithoutshoes #withoutshoes

2. Get involved- either through OneDayWithoutShoes or host a shoe cutting party for a great organization like Sole Hope.

3. Help locally- Clean out your closets and donate gently used shoes to a local shelter OR donate a few hours to serve.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the busyness of our own schedule, I know I am constantly trying to stay afloat in my own life but it’s only when we reach outside of our comfort zone and pursue serving and helping that true joy is found.

If you have time, check out Monica’s post on the Collective Bias blog. I was in the office yesterday and she is really the one that got me excited!

  • Monica Johnson

    Thank you for helping get the CB team onboard!! :) I can totally relate to the whole dirty feet thing… walking into the office bathroom today #withoutshoes was humbling, but it helped put this whole thing into even more perspective. If I don’t like walking shoeless in a pretty clean room, how would I do without shoes, ever?

  • Heidi

    Thanks so much for the comment! I loved your post yesterday- thanks for being inspirational! 😉