my brain is a ticking time bomb

If there has been any sort of running theme in my life these last few months, it has to be insanity, vomit and poop. It’s sad and pathetic in a way that my stability has been mostly in bodily excrement.

Today, for examp, I’ve already cleaned up cat poop from my cat Snickerdoodle, who has toxic chemical waste poop that is worse than a rotting corpse stuffed in a port-a-potty over the summer, because he is traumatized from the moving boxes and stuff. I mean, get over it cat. It’s not like HE is the one packing, cleaning and sweating for hours on end! Pooping on my towel and stinking up my house doesn’t solve anything.

and then there is my somewhat mentally challenged cat Rolo who just sits and stares most of the day at the wall or, lately, grooms herself so excessively that she is puking furballs everyday in her stress of moving. Worse yet, because I thought, “hey, I’ll just make everything harder” is the fact that I got them new food, like new in the way that its fresh and its not their usual brand too, and you know how cats LOVE their freaking stability in life, new food is a big no-no to them- that is how they have their comfort by their living arrangements and what they eat- so they are already having puking/pooping nervous issues and now they have new food and they are like Whattheheck owner and then freaking out even more. Grossness itself thus personified.

I don’t even have time to write this, I just have to purge my mind before my brain totally separates itself from reality and I live in a happier world that tastes like raspberry sorbet and smells like lavender.

  • Jana

    Cats are weird.