Monday Happies

If you don’t know me, I’m NOT a morning person. I’m the person that cheery, morning people fear. I’ve been compared to a bear… and worse! Also- I hate Mondays. I don’t jump up out of bed on normal days and Mondays always seem to be especially horrible. Ben quotes Office Space to me way too often, “Does someone have a case of the MONdays?” and I want to hit him. On a more positive and less abusive note- I used to have a regular series on my blog where I’d say all the things that made me happy that week on Mondays to get my brain in a better place. It’s a little cheesy for me, but I got the idea from someone else, (I’ve long since forgot who,) and it really inspired me to see beauty and goodness in everything- if for nothing else but to post in on my blog.  Whatever works. So, here goes my first installment of Monday Happies- objects, ideas, news articles and places that have made me smile over the week.

-Hot water! Before you roll your eyes and click away, know that I’ve lived overseas and there have been plenty of times that I either had no water or it was cold. Every time I shower I praise GOD that it’s warm and that it’s even drinkable!

-Trees. Yes. I’m a tree-hugging, lover of trees. Except I wouldn’t chain myself to one in protest of it being cut down. Unless it was the last tree. Then I’d totally chain myself to it. So, I’m not really  “tree-hugger” per se, but more of a “tree appreciator”. I like the oxygen they give us.

-Bug is walking everywhere now- he just woke up and suddenly got it! It was such a struggle for Bear to walk, with all his therapies, that the ease of which Bug is walking is SO AMAZING! Seeing him toddle around a corner still makes me smile.

-Food Processors and Blenders- random, I know. Without these loverly kitchen helpers my family would eat cereal every day and probably never have fruit and veggies. I hate cutting. I’ve sliced too many parts of my hands from knives. I’m clumsy, or so Ben tells me. He has leathery hands though so he can’t understand- it’s like he has gloves of thick skin on over his hands that protect him from the kind of cuts that nearly take off MY fingers.

-Air Condition! Hallelujah! It’s been a hot, record breaking week. Nothing makes me feel instantly calmer and more collected than walking into a building and being greeted by a gust of lung-craving, brain-activating cool air. I’m also very thankful that my air conditioner at home was replaced by the previous owners recently so it’s top of the line, energy-efficient goodness that works well.

-Sewing machine! I have no idea how to use it well, but I’m dreaming of beautiful pillows and panels in eye-catching colors decorating my house… ahh Pinterest is revving up my imagination!

-Blogging community! I feel kind of stupid saying this because I have a lot of great friends but it’s so nice to connect AND MEET people locally that “get me” and can offer such great advice on how to achieve my dreams!

-Gray! The color! Over the weekend I painted the boys’ bathroom this fine color and every time I open the door I feel excited and calmer at the same time… (Post coming on the before/after of their bathroom transformation)

-My new Logo! The wonderful people at the Belford Group, where Ben works, have created a logo for me and are in the process of re-vamping my blog and twitter page! The utter thrill of this makes my heart pound- nerdy blogger moment! ha ha

-Pinterest- described to me as “lady crack” by a friend. :) I created an account a few days ago and already love it. It’s such a great way to express yourself but still have all of your online searching organized.

-Fox new’s being hacked. bahahahha

-Also, it’s the 4th of July so I HAVE to mention that I love this holiday of sparklers, good food with family and the general thankfulness of freedom.

Originally I was hoping to have a Mr. Linky up so you could link up, but I couldn’t figure it out and I want my post to be published AND it’s the 4th of July so I’m thinking not to many people will be online today. :) Next week will be different, but seriously, if you have a HAPPY post, please leave a comment so I can go read it. I need me some Monday Happies!

  • Mandy

    I love the idea of typing out the things you’re thankful for. Especially on Mondays! That’s when we need to have thankful hearts the most isn’t it? Are you a SAHM? I am, and I’m always sad when my husband has to go back to work. :( Luckily, we have a holiday today! Woohoo! If you get that Mr. Linky figured out I’ll link up to you next time. :)


  • Angie

    I love your blogger community and hot water happies! I also love the color gray. I’m also not a morning person. We have much in common, my dear, much.

  • Heidi

    Seriously, I loved it when other people posted links to their posts! makes for a better Monday!!!Yes, I’m a SAHM- looks like you live near me- have we met?