Meet Katy…

My little sister

It’s June 1st. For as long as I can remember it’s been my sister and brother’s birthdays.

Twins obviously. They shared everything but today is about HER.

I’m happy to say that she is going to start writing here occasionally. I always loved her blog and selfishly was sad that she stopped updating her posts until I hatched my plot to get her to come HERE to my blog.

I was her stylist, obnoxiously bossed her around, taught her how to organize and clean her room (which she took to a OCD extreme) and now she is my best friend. I miss her but I’m happy that she is doing well!

Today she is planting flowers in beautiful Ft. Collins, Colorado.

She is happily married to a landscape architect, David, and they have 2 amazing dogs.  The are recent transplants to Colorado from Sarasota, FL and her tan is slowly fading. :)

I’ll let her say more about herself soon. For now, here she is, my sister.


  • lindseylu

    did you know my Drew was an LA? Then the market caved and he switched jobs. Still in his blood though :)

  • Heidi Clark

    No, I didn’t know that! That’s nice that he was able to change jobs so well, isn’t he a lawyer now?

  • lindseylu

    LOL. Nope. He works at the home office.

  • Heidi Clark

    WHAT? Why did I think he was like a asst. DA or something- for Benton county… perhaps it was someone else from our group?! I’ll be up there Monday, want me to swing by? or meet up for coffee?

  • lindseylu

    That was Tesha :-) I’d love for you to swing by!

  • Chinafriend

    Cant wait to share more on your blog sis! Love you 😉

  • Heidi

    YAY! I’m so happy to have you! :))

  • TA.

    This was sweet! I have 3 sisters, but I did the same things you did w/ my little sister. I take pride in having taught her everything she knows … and she grew up so nicely!! I also talked for her until she was old enough to rebel against me! We are now best friends too. Thanks for sharing your memories, it brought back alot of good memories to me!