Judgement & My Crazy Boys

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The other day I was in Target and a woman felt like jumping into my life as I walked in the door with my 2 crazy boys. After frowning heavily at me and my friend I was shopping with, she obviously assumed we were lesbians and finished off her critical, verbal tirade looking at each of us with,

“It’s really not that hard to figure out what he [Bug] is trying to say.”

Implying me and my *lesbian partner* obviously knew nothing about raising children. Feeling that I should give in to every whim of my screeching 2-year-old.


I’m an outspoken person. I say what is on my mind. It has rarely caused problems because I’ve learned how to hold my tongue in a lot of circumstances and to speak the truth with love in others. Or perhaps other people just hold their tongue when they are around me and I have no idea… hah!

Whatever the case, when this woman came out of nowhere with her judgement and anger, it took me aback. I don’t jump on strangers with advice and correction. What makes people think it’s ok to jump into another’s life critically? What on earth made her feel like she was justified in her assumption that I was a lesbian and that I was a bad parent?

I posted these happenings on Facebook and Twitter and was amazed at the outpouring of sympathy. Unneeded sympathy I may add- an although I appreciated the support and anger at this woman, I felt overwhelmed by the ugly discrimination that people dish out in the name of morality every day to people who actually are gay or lesbian, or a race that isn’t what they they deem worthy. … or even if their parenting style is different than ours.

I learned 2 things from this:  Nothing gives us the right to attack others and I know nothing of discrimination personally.

I’m thankful that this woman didn’t affect me at all. That I was chuckling with my friend, eyebrows raised and a can you believe what happened?

Mental heath is great- I’m thrilled that apparently on some degree that I am here, FINALLY. 😀

Be happy, stop judging and love one another. If you really do want to see change, it will be through love and acceptance, not hatred and judgement.





  • Katy

    I said it before on FB but I would have definitely lashed out on her or might’ve started a cat fight! Haha I need to learn to not act immediately on my emotions…I think you had a better reaction! Although I wish somebody would teach that bitch a lesson! Ha!

  • http://thebrokins.com/ Jasmine

    As a Black woman with bi-racial kids I run into craziness all the time.

  • http://TheBusyNothings.com Heidi

    Yeah- it’s crazy. and like I said, I have no idea what this really feels like. YOu are a strong woman!

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