Jesus was a commity organizer BS (soapbox!)

OK, so I’ve been getting more and more ticked off by the news media. I’m positive you’ve heard the latest crap, the whole “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilot was a governor”. What the heck? what does that have to do with anything? Do the left winged media really think talk like that will suddenly appeal to the “religious zealots” in the country? After years and years of trying to take away religion and further separate it, while criticizing the “morons” who are Christians, I find it highly ironic and sick that they have suddenly done a 180. Is it sarcasm on their part? or do they seriously think this will appeal to people? Does this comment appeal to any of you??!! Also, on both sides, why are people comparing Obama’s experience to Palins? They are the nominees, but not for the same office. Get over it. Geez! Criticize them all you want individually, but stop comparing apples to oranges!! I think a case can be made either way- I’ve heard it. I personally feel that Palin has a little more executive experience being that she was a governor of a state, but I’m not saying that makes her so much better. I just think all of this is so stupid. The “lipstick on a pig” comment is another annoying blurb out there. FOCUS ON THE ISSUES!! Has anyone else forgot that McCain is the other nominee? What about oh… what’s his face… Joe Biden?? Where the heck is he????

“Oh, well, Hmmmmm, if Obama was a community organizer, well then I guess I’ll vote for him because he was more like Jesus…” who falls for that? I feel sorry for Obama and hope he’ll try to distance himself from talk like that. Regardless of what your party is, (myself endorsing neither,) the left winged media (myself hating extremes in BOTH party) has tried to peg Obama being the Messiah. I think that is so sacrilegious and disgusts me personally. He is not my Messiah, he is not anyone’s Messiah. He is just a politician, not a demi-god. I would feel the same way if this was McCain in this position, this is not about political parties, its about a man being compared to GOD. He will come up short. Very short. If he is wise, he should denounce the people that are calling him the Messiah. He should denounce this stupid new blurb that is taking over the news media and denounce himself from being compared to Jesus Christ. It will do him NO GOOD.

I am so sick of the media. I just want to be able to get the true stories, hear what the issues are and not get some network’s opinion of what is going on in our world.

  • WiredForStereo

    That’s why my favorite news source is JOHN STEWART!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Wow, I hadn’t heard that one yet! That’s absolutely ridiculous and disgusting.
    But honestly, I don’t think I’ve heard about anything besides Palin the past two weeks. I’m so sick of hearing my name on the news all the time!

  • David and Katy

    That is unfortunate that certain people are distracting what Obama is about by comparing him to the Messiah. I, myself, believe that he is a Christian. There is a great article in Newsweek where he explains very plainly what he believes. And your so right about Sarah Palin. So sick of hearing about her. You should read up about Joe Biden, he’s got a pretty good story- One, that I think, tops Mrs Palins- but its not as “news worthy” as a beauty queen. Give me a break :)

  • Jana

    I agree! I feel like I have to hide under my bed, cover my ears, and sing just to get away from hearing about it all. Blah!!!

  • The Slonekers

    Thank You Heidi! Great Post!