It’s the kind of day that…

-you keep banging your elbows, hips and elbows on any available sharp edge.

-you are glad you cooked a lot yesterday because if you have to turn on the stove you may loose your mind and set fire to your house.

-you made coffee but it tasted horrible so the sluggish, comatose brain of someone with 3 hours of sleep persists although you actually got 9 for once.

-you realize now, after 30 minutes, that you dropped your 15-month-old off at kid’s day out 30 minutes early and the teacher was too kind to tell you to come back.

-you wish you wore make-up because you ran into someone from high school.

-you waved at the neighbor to be “neighborly” and almost missed your driveway, clipping the grass and flower beds pulling in all choppy like as said neighbor considers dialing DHS for a clearly drunk neighbor at 9 am.

-you think it must be “your time of the month” because you hate your body, and despise every bite taken but keep eating sweets and then realize that you are several weeks away.

-you go between paranoia of “why don’t my friends ever call me?” to “STOP SMOTHERING ME!” in the same day. :)

-you realize it’s easier to go BLAH! here on your blog than to share anything in person and you realize that it’s because if someone cares enough to go to your blog it’s because they WANTED TO GO. If they decide to comment, it means SO MUCH. More even than people in “real” life that listen politely but just don’t seem to care.

-you wonder if this is a bad thing that you’d rather be typing hyped up on caffeine than talking to someone in person today. Not all the time, just right now. It’s the perfection of being alone but connected. There are more people like me out there than living in my small town.

-you got get a coffee- a large, SUGARY, warm coffee at your favorite place to make the day better and it was FREE.


OK, I just may survive!

  • deb

    Sounds like one of “those” days. Hang in there…it has to get better. I’m only a phone call away if you ever need to vent :)