In which I almost knocked over an elder in my church (while wearing amazing heels…)

I love heels. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have saw a picture of some killer heels that I wore recently. I got them at a thrift store and they were exactly the brand and PRICE I was wanting.

Now I feel sassy, grown-up and classy wearing them with my skinny jeans. I’ve met my first goal of my New Year, New You series that I’m writing about in my Exercise Nothings tab- I didn’t really talk about it but my goal was to fit comfortably in my jeans that I had muffin-topped out of over the summer and fall.

Starting to run had multiple goals, the first of which was to re-fit myself in my jeans…. Since I’ve really not lost that much weight, getting into my jeans is pretty encouraging since it shows I’ve lost inches. (shooting myself that I didn’t measure myself before starting to exercise!)

THAT BEING SAID, I got dressed and went to church. My church is the type that jeans are ok in… which is great with me because it’s cheaper to go to a casual church. I love my church and the random, eclectic people that attend. I love the large influx of college students in the spring and fall. It makes the atmosphere different. I enjoyed the sermon, the challenges and the worship music.

After the service, while the band still was playing, an elder of our church came up to me and gave me a hug. He is a grandfatherly type, full of hugs and encouragement. I leaned over to embrace him and lost my footing in my high heels… grabbed on to him, clinging and felt him loose his balance too. We slowly leaned back- with complete eye contact- about to collapse into the chairs behind us… it was in slow motion… I felt myself teetering more and more and images flashed through my head of sprawling out on the floor, knocking over chairs and the elder breaking his hip or leg… ohhh and Ben would never let me live this down…

and somehow, and I’m not sure if an angel swooped in or what but suddenly we were standing upright, awkwardly chucking. We separated and made polite chit-chat for a few minutes. Wanting to slap myself in the forehead as he walked away, I noticed his wife was also wearing high heels and wondered if this ever happened to her… probably not, she has that aura of class that I hope and pray to achieve some day!!! :)

To some, this may serve as a cautionary tale to NOT to wear your super high stiletto heels… but for me, the risk comes with the reward of the almost 5 extra inches and feeling of accompanying sass. Ohhhhh yes, it’s worth it.


  • Fancy Pants Foodie

    That’s so awesome. Thanks for sharing. 😉 Hooray for hovering angels!

  • Heidi

    HAH! you’re welcome… and agreed, hooray for angels of rescue!

  • Goffertee

    It definitely was your Guardian Angel … believe me!