I’m going to have squirrel for dinner

*not really. No actual squirrels were harmed during this blog post*


At first I thought it was cute to have a furry companion with large teeth trying to break into my attic. I told Ben about the determined little rodent and accepted the fact that he would probably try to kill him with his bb gun. and then laughed at him as he would charge out the front door with the gun when we heard the little squirrel chewing away. I was surprised our neighbors didn’t report him to the police or something as crazy as he must have looked running around with a gun.

One day he ran to the back yard chasing the squirrel and almost got it…. but it cleverly jumped over into the neighbors yard and, a safe distance away, chattered angrily at Ben. Incensed he came back in the house shouting about he was going to trap it.

and then I spilled a Sam’s Club size bottle of laundry soap all over the floor.

OK, so that didnt happen that day. I’ll back up a week.

Ben *didn’t* get a trap until AFTER the squirrel GOT INSIDE and decided to extend his palace down into Bug’s wall, during nap time of course. I dont know if that stinking squirrel had a squirrel sized jack hammer or teeth of steel but I could hear him chowing down in the other part of the house with the tv on. REALLY.

I called Ben at work and asked him to come home immediately as my chunking a piece of wood at the outside of the house and screaming at the squirrel didn’t seem to faze the squirrel. and then I wondered once more if we’d be receiving a visit from the police.

and then I spilled a Sam’s Club size bottle of laundry soap all over the floor.

Yes, I did. Breathing hard after my running around outside, I slipped on the soapy floor and almost fell. *Apparently* I put the bottle too close to the edge and a vigorous  wash cycle knocked it over. SO I was laughing (because it was better than crying), mopping up the floor and threw the soap-soaked towels into the laundry machine.

Ben came home after I started the laundry and crawled around in the attic to place the live trap.

Then the washer broke, full of a Sam’s Club size bottle of laundry soap, now in sudsy, foamy, bubbles.

I can’t make this up….

But the house is silent right now, perhaps, just perhaps….

I’ll have squirrel for dinner.


  • http://www.asthebunnyhops.com Amy

    Cleaning up spilled soap is surprisingly hard. Trust me, I know.
    And truly, I used to think squirrels were cute. But now I’m a little afraid. (It doesn’t help that I’m being haunted by the ghost of the squirrel I accidentally ran over last week…)