Heidi’s Product Testing: Cat Food

Now, those of you who have a clue who I am know I love my cats. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, even on their furball days. For years now, I’ve been whining about my cat Snickerdoodle’s toxic poo. I mean, the stuff is disgusting vomit-inducing nastiness. It is the prime reason I have thought to force him outside, but as he has been a pampered prince most of his life, I’m afraid that sentence would be his ultimate doom. So, with the move to the ‘ment, I have been afraid, VERY afraid, of how my house would smell. If going into the garage where his litter box used to be made my nose hairs spontaneously combust in flames from sensory overload, what would I do with it in the closet inside my house??? I was fearful.

During the time that I moved, I also ran out of food for my dears, so because my mom had cat food for her cats, I borrowed some and there was enough to last about a week. And every day I kept waiting…. waiting… and there was nothing. But the litter box was full. What was going on?! As the days ticked by and there was no incident of dry heaving or nauseousness from the smell, I began to connect the dots. My mom’s food for her cats… somehow in Snickerdoodle’s stomach squelched the smell of his poo. I mean, this is a freaking miracle! I have taken this cat to the vet before, sure that his horrible smelling poo (and his not covering it up because he tries to escape the smell himself) had to mean that there was something seriously wrong with him. So, after all these years of suffering, this food has provided the cure. And it’s not like I haven’t switched their food before! We’ve done the Purina, Meow-Mix, Iams, Friskies, Kozy Kitten, etc. but now, oh YES, Natual Choice Complete Care is ALL I WILL USE.

  • David and Katy

    that's awesome! what a relief! my cats eat purina one and they seem to love it. their poo's however…yuck…especially since little man doesn't cover his…snob…

  • Heidi

    well, that's what I'm saying! Snickers NEVER covers his poo! it's so gross and smelly, but now, with this new food, it's been really a LOT less smelly! I never notice the litter box anymore! I didn't know life could be like this! :)