Garage Sale-ing Tips {Intro & 1st Tip}

Due to “popular demand” I decided to share all of my tips and tricks to garage sale-ing successfully.

This is the first video in a short series. Enjoy:

Tip #1: it’s “Garage Sale-ing” not “Garage Sailing”.

…more videos to come… stay tuned for the next few tips this week!

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  • Sarah Gretzmier

    My best hint ?

    Garage Sale for your friends and vice versa.

    Give a list of your needs to a close friend who knows your family’s likes and dislikes. You’ll be way more careful spending your friends $$$ than your own and you can always call or send them a pic if there’s a question.

    That way you end up with what you need at a decent price rather than clutter you didn’t need just because it was a good deal.

    I mean do you really NEED 50 my little pony happy 1st bday plates for a quarter if your family only has 2 school age boys in the house :)