Full Core {An Exercise Nothings Story}

Full Core drinks

Getting back into shape is hard, especially with it being colder outside and my body naturally requesting a second bowl of cheesy chili with Fritos… or Halloween Candy… and I could go on and on here. I love to eat and honestly feel like I’m hungry more often when it’s colder. As I learn to eat less as I’m exercising regularly, a little help occasionally is a great thing and that’s why I was excited to try Full Core again.

I first heard about Full Core a few months ago and was actually able to try it out- it’s a great alternative to soda which is my biggest weakness! It meets that “bubbly” craving I have but without the high fructose corn syrup and without terrible for you artificial sweeteners. Also, it has over 40% of your daily needs for fiber… so it FILLS YOU UP. One thing I checked out before trying it was what retailers carried it, because you can tell a lot about a product by what stores carry it. A lot of the stores were all-natural grocery stores or supplement stores so that reassured me that it was a quality product and not an unhealthy, “gimicky” product that promises a ton of awesome results but actually supplies no real health benefit.

The time I tried a Full Core I had it during my weakest time unintentionally … around 2-3pm when I want Dr. Pepper and chips or something crunchy and then just don’t stop. I was shocked at how full and alert I felt the whole afternoon and into the evening without drinking any caffeine. In fact, I felt so full that I wasn’t even hungry and had to make myself eat a light dinner. It seemed a little too good to be true so I decided to keep a journal of how I felt this time around and how the product affected me, if at all.

Shopping for it was super easy- I liked how the online store was laid out, it was very clear and easy to find what I wanted. Check out the Full Core page here and check out my whole shoppping trip here.  I clicked on the amount I wanted, put it in my shopping cart and then quickly purchased it. I felt reassured because there was a phone number that I could call if I had questions. I am NOT a regular online shopper unless it’s Amazon or takes Paypal because I am a cautious person- seeing the phone number where I could  talk to a HUMAN helped me take that last step to purchase! The package was shipped the same day I ordered it and I received it within 2 days.

We were walking outside for an Adventure Walk (ie- me trying to keep them alive while walking in our neighborhood…) and the FedEx truck pulled up with the Full Core. That is Bug running to the truck- clearly the FedEx driver is more concerned than I was…

Bug, me & Bear- With 2 boys I don’t feel like staying in shape and being healthy is optional!

Day 1: Tasted good and the Full Core did actually meet that “fizzy drink” craving I have every afternoon. I had already had a Dr. Pepper earlier (Ruh-Roh) and I think that it was a bad idea that I started this on Friday because I was going out to dinner later after a Girl’s Night at the NWA Boutique Show. I wasn’t hungry, as expected, but I ate automatically when I fed the kids around 5. My portion, however, was a little smaller than usual at that time, but later that night when I had some chips and salsa (and a margarita) I probably still ate a lot of calories because it just tasted so good.

Excited to start my week of Full Core!

Day 3: Wow. I had no idea how much I ate even when I wasn’t hungry!!!  I’ve started to notice that especially while I’m cooking. I season to taste usually so I am constantly snacking but then get myself a pretty large portion in addition for dinner. Anytime the kids wanted a snack, I’d have a bite of whatever they were eating even though I wasn’t hungry. This was kind of a surprise and I realized that for me, I really needed focus on my constant eating habits- on trying to recognize my actual hunger cues and not just boredom snack.

Also, I can’t believe how awake I have felt, even as I was writing this entry. It’s almost 10pm and I feel alert- and I have been drinking a lot LESS caffeine! It’s a true awake feeling, nothing chemical or fake, I feel pretty great! Even Ben noticed a big difference in my energy levels and said he wanted to try a Full Core drink. I’m not sure that I want to share… :)

I matched! Glamorous Full Core…

 Day 5: I was told that my cat might not make it yesterday and that pretty much devastated me. He has shown signs of being sick so we took him to the vet and he said there is a very small chance that he might make it.  He is on a medication and we are just waiting. This might sound a bit trite here, but honestly I drank a Full Core around noon because my tendency is to nervously eat when I’m stressed and I didn’t want to do that. Unfortunately, all of this happened on Ben’s birthday so in between crying over my cat, I made a huge pot of made-from-scratch soup and made-from-scratch cupcakes for his birthday- partly to distract myself- but also I didn’t want his birthday ruined, even over a very much loved cat. I ended up emotionally eating some cake batter (sugar cookie cupcake batter… who can blame me?!) … but the awareness that I was emotionally eating was crazy. I feel like I’ve made a lot of insights into who I am as a person and how I cope with stress this week. Full Core came at a weird time but a good one. I feel for the first time in control of what I’m eating, rather than just thinking of a next snack or meal.

Day 7: I’m at the end of my first week with Full Core and I liked it! It has a taste like Sprite or 7-up, but it’s more subtle and less sugary. I’m pretty excited that I have enough to drink it for 2 more weeks before re-ordering. I started to have a Dr. Pepper craving so I grabbed the last day’s Full Core. I really want to try to stay off sodas as much as possible- they are so unhealthy and are seriously my biggest weakness. My cat is stable and started eating again so I’m encouraged both in body and in mind. :)

So, what did I think overall?

I was surprised and pleased with Full Core. At first I felt that this was a nice thing to try but it probably wouldn’t be a part of my regular diet because the cans are between $2-3 each and on my small food budget that is a big chunk! But, as the week went on I realized how much less I was eating overall. I wasn’t constantly snacking on food, I ate less at mealtimes and the food went a lot further!  I enjoyed having hunger control and during this week I stopped drinking all caffeine except a morning cup which is HUGE for me. Like, HUGE HUGE. I knew that I wanted to make a change health wise but honestly felt I couldn’t. Not feeling hungry helped me think and plan what I was going to eat instead of just grabbing whatever was quick and easy. I actually lost 6lbs (!!!) during this time which is helping me on my goal to losing 25 lbs! I can’t say that this product will work for everyone, because it may not, I think that there is a diet for everyone that works for them but I think that I was ready for a change and Full Core helped me on my way. 

I finished drinking my can while I was getting ready. (Yes, it’s in the afternoon… someday are a bit slower than others…)

Full Core Commerical #3 from full core on Vimeo.

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  • http://twitter.com/kidto3moms Sarea Clark

    I might have to check this out….;-) Great post!

  • TheBusyNothings

    :)) I thought you might… check out my google + story! the ingredients are pretty good! :))

  • Patricia Cook

    Thanks for the great info on this product. This is definitely something I think I could use. I love that it helped you stop snacking and let you consider your food choices instead of eating without thinking. Great post!!

  • TheBusyNothings

    I’m glad you liked it Patricia! Thanks for stopping by- I really did like this product! Even Ben (husband) said I could keep getting it! :)

  • Terri

    I love that you shared your seven day experience! Really helps to get a feel for the product and how it can help! Thanks so much :)

  • http://TheBusyNothings.com Heidi

    I tried to order it quick so I could do 1 full week! I wanted to be truthful and felt an extended amount of time helped me be so! :) I was so excited to be a part of this shop!