Fuel for the Body & Car (Red Strike & Murphy USA)

Every morning is a battle for me. This isn’t some new development, I’m just not a morning person. Laying in bed until noon would be grand, but that’s just not how our society works. For years I’ve drank Dr. Pepper or coffee in the mornings, trying to get myself going. Since having kids it’s been even more difficult. Not only do I have to get *myself* up and ready, but now I have to get two others up and out the door as well! It takes some planning ahead to get one kid to pre-school on time 5 days a week and the other one across town to Mother’s Day Out for the morning 3 days a week. Most days I roll out of bed (late), throw on some clothes and stumble into my kitchen to either make coffee or, as in most cases these days, grab one of those little energy shots.  They were great the mornings I used to work out but they are EVEN MORE HELPFUL for me to get work done now that I’m working from home.

Working from home has been a challenge. I’m getting better at it- being able to put on and take off my “work hat” much quicker and so I’m becoming a more efficient person. It’s really a priveledge to be able to do so and I don’t want to take it for granted. However, the days that Bug doesn’t go to Mother’s Day Out my productivity levels plummet- I’m exhausted with him! I think that different people have different energy levels and mine has never been super high. I see some people with 4 kids doing better than I feel like I do with 2. I eat good, work out occasionally (OK OK, haven’t worked out in over a month! GRR!) and get plenty of sleep. The time I have to work is in the mornings, the afternoons are too insane with Bear coming home from school and trying to keep him and Bug from killing each other
AND then trying to cook dinner so regardless of the fact that I’m not a morning person I have to dig deep and make it happen.

I really don’t want to drink tons of Dr. Pepper even though I love it because it’s so high in calories. I like coffee but honestly drinking it while it’s hot is a rare luxury.  But I figured out a solution that is working so far for me…

Here’s the thing- until recently I was buying 5-Hour-Energy’s from Sam’s Club. I’d seen other brands and types but never paid attention. I had done a little research and the 5-Hour-Energy’s were basically a lot of B vitamins and there wasn’t anything “weird” in them. (although my friend was up for 12 hours wide awake after trying 1/2 of one. If you are sensitive to caffeine I don’t really recommend this.) Someone gave  Ben a Red Strike Energy 5-hour-energy shot and I was a little apprehensive. I was loyal to my brand until… I compared ingredients. They were essentially the same thing! But instead of over $3 at the gas station for 1 shot, Red Strike’s were 2 for $2.22. I’ll probably buy these from now on. If you like carbonated beverages, the Red Strike also has a regular and sugar-free version in a 16-oz can. I drank on of those the other day and was surprised how I didn’t feel jittery or nervous.

After picking up Bear from school the other day I noticed I was low on gas so I went to Murphy USA to get it because it’s usually the cheapest place to get gas in town and, if you’ve read any of my recent posts, counting pennies is a must right now. The location closer to Bear’s school had a gas additive option called Additech and honestly if it weren’t for the fact I was intentionally going there for a job I’d probably not have paid attention- but I’m glad I did. I drive all over town every day and I’m not always easy on my car. Since it’s driving around town- you know that the gas mileage isn’t the best like it would be if I were driving on the highway. I zoom around in my SUV and I need to get more distance per mile- that’s where the Additech comes in. It actually cleans out my engine and they guarantee that my miles per gallon will increase up to 10% or they’ll give me my money back! WEIRD, right? I decided to try it and find out. You are suppose to use it regularly, which is a little arbitrary, but I’m excited that I’ll be getting my engine cleaned out regardless. (Also- I got a free Red Strike can when I showed them the receipt!)

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  • http://www.mamabzz.com Mel Lockcuff

    I drink Dr. Pepper for energy too, though I know it’s so bad for me, sugar/calorie wise. It just tastes so good and gives me that extra kick.:) Great pics, Heidi!:)