Flood Gates

A few months ago I went and visited my sister at her home in Oklahoma.  It had been not to long after this particular area had received  loads and loads of rainfall.  They live very close to grand lake and the lake was incredibly full due to the rain levels.  My mom and I drove over the dams just check them out and see them.  It was a nice summer day.

As we drove over the dam area we saw that they have the flood gates open.  However as we checked things out a little more we saw that they only had them slightly open.


The floodgates were only open a small amount but they created such an amazing power.


However, the sound was roaring and loud and we had to nearly shout at one another to hear what we were saying and we were a  good distance away.  There is a worship song that states, ” Let it rain, let it rain, … Open the floodgates of heaven”.


The power that was created by the floodgates.


I continued to think about this song as we were standing and watching the power of these floodgates.


This was a separate dam but was creating so much power.


The water was powerful, overwhelming, and honestly a little scary to be near.  I began to have a deeper realizations of what these lyrics mean.  Jesus opening the floodgates of heaven is such a crazy statement!   How amazing and scary would it be if God really opened the floodgates of heaven?  Whoa!!  That is all I could think as I stood there.

How mighty is even the Lord’s smallest flows of water for us, and the affect and power that it brings.  What would it look like to live allowing ourselves to be over taken by the flowing river that comes out of his floodgates?  


I honestly have absolutely no idea what this would look like but I do know that my heart desires to begin to truly seek out this type of Christianity and life with the Lord.  

  • Rachel Hough

    So pretty. We actually have a lake house by the smaller dam. So thankful for all that water!