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a lot of these post are from years ago, but I felt that even with the Busy Nothings evolving and growing there needed to be a place for history. There isn’t really any particular organization other than some categories to help put like-posts together. 

Real Life Series:

The Backpack Effect – Being single in a married world. (guest post by Sherry Kettner)


From Ukraine with Love (my memories about living overseas as a 14-year-old):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


My favorites from 2007- 2011


THOSE moments ’08

Another Manic Day ’08

Moms ’10

Tales from the “ment (while I lived with my parents  ’09


How to be a Gaither Vocal Band Humor – ’09

Daily Insanity in Raising my child ’09

Boots, Skinny Jeans & AHH! ’09

Much Ado.. & French Fries ’10

T-Rex & Babies ’10

Baby Boy, etc.  ’10

The Belted Sweater Mystery ’11

Do It Yourself/Crafts

Before/After Dresser & End Table ’10

DIY: Burlap Backed Marker B oard ’11

DIY: Acorn Centerpiece ’11

“Deep Thoughts”

My Theory ’08

Simplistic Epiphanies ’08

Grace Understood ’08

Dealing with Grieving people 1/2 ’09

The lost art of listening 2/2 ’09

I know her (special needs)  ’09

Moving back in with my parents ’09

God’s Church (Grief)  ’09

1 in 20,000 (Grief) ’09

New Patches on Old Garments ’09

Breathe Deep (Grief) ’09

Tummy Tuck Musings ’10

Things said over Meatloaf ’11 (Ben b/t  Jobs)

To Love Myself: Eating Disorders ’11



My William’s Syndrome Page & links


Ultrasound ScareRambling 2nd Ultrasound & Good News ’10

Fading Scars
The Roaring Lion ’11

Amazing things & Miracles:

Paid for Braces ’08

Paid for Surgery (for me) ’08

Not needing additional surgery (for me)  ’09

Nature Inspirations:

Summer Storm ’08

Rain, Rain Come Today ’08

Dreaming ’09

Last Summer Storm ’11