Day 1 #30daysofThanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and has been for as long as I can remember. Well, of COURSE when I was a child Christmas and my birthday ranked higher because of how it served me, but as I got older I started to be drawn to the simple beauty of Thanksgiving. (Oh and since food is my love language that also helps…)

This year for me has been about getting back to the basics. About seeing the beauty all around me, even if it’s in the cracks and crevices of a valley wall. About living life well wherever God has me and not just being okay but thriving and growing.

Happiness is a choice. Thankfulness is a way of life.

So this month, in celebration of life and living well I’m going to post every day with at least one thing that I’m thankful for. I will be using the hashtag #30daysofThanksgiving and posting on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook (Join me!) and I’d just be honored if you joined in the fun by posting a comment telling me something you are Thankful for!

Day 1

My Job. Everyday I look forward to going to work. I love what I do and who I have the privilege to work with. I love that I am doing what I’m good at as well as what I’m passionate about yet I’m pushed past my comfort zone consistently and am growing because of it. I’m thankful that I’ve been called here for such a time as this. Thanks Great Day Farms (CCF Brands)!

Great Day Farms Eggs