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My boys are crazy. Let me rephrase that, I have two adorable and highly energetic little boys. Bear is 5 and Bug is 2 but they sometimes seem like twins because of Bear's developmental delay and Bug being a bit advanced for his age.  For a long time I felt bad that Bear had developmental delays due to his having William's Syndrome but now it's something I'm used to and I wouldn't change a … [Read more...]

the face of an amost 2-year-old (Pics!)

here's reality. the molars will get you. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

To Train Up A Child: Gentleness (Video!)

My new series, To Train Up a Child, will deal with real life situations bringing up my dear little child, Summit. Usually we are doing the opposite (rather unintentionally I have to say) of what you SHOULD do, so perhaps you can glean some good tips on what not to do! In this episode, we are "learning" the Fruits of the Spirit, specifically Gentleness, as not evidenced in his treatment of Rolo. … [Read more...]