my date tonight

Tonight I had the cutest date! I went to a silent auction and dinner banquet at Fellowship Bible Church benefiting the Jade Tree Project. My date worked the room, frequently schmoozing with all the people there and occasionally leaving my side to work his charm on the room. He had trouble staying still to eat dinner, he's a mover and a shaker and all. Although uninterested in the silent auction … [Read more...]

Tibet, you say? Some Chinese perspective.

I have a conversation club I do with my Dad on Wednesdays at the U of A comprised of international students wanting to learn English better. It's really fun, I look forward to the time every week. In it we go over all sorts of topics to help them better understand our culture as well as slang and all the random sayings we have. There are different levels of skill and last year I was in a group … [Read more...]