Be Kind, Be Respectful and Vote Quietly


I have written several political posts in the past- some published but most not. After tossing and turning last night for hours in between Bug getting up and my stomach hurting from a yucky stomach virus going around my house- another one came to me early this morning. I realized that I really would rather hear about someone's bowel movements than their political views, especially when … [Read more...]

President Obama

wow. watching the election coverage on all the channels (actually just 2-22 because cox decided to cut my cable to basic while I bit my nails in anticipation watching Fox and CNN- like seriously- why right then?!) and I feel hope! I know that there is a lot of negativity about this from most of my Christian friends, but the country has decided and I'm going to move on from here and support our new … [Read more...]

on Obama vs. McCain

This blog is a copied chat I had with a family member this morning on the subject of the Presidential race. I feel like Christians in general feel like you have to be Republican and I disagree with that adamantly. Although most of my views expressed follow more conservative slants, I am pretty much an Independent and want to choose the right leader based on the person and issues involved, not the … [Read more...]

Jesus was a commity organizer BS (soapbox!)

OK, so I've been getting more and more ticked off by the news media. I'm positive you've heard the latest crap, the whole "Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilot was a governor". What the heck? what does that have to do with anything? Do the left winged media really think talk like that will suddenly appeal to the "religious zealots" in the country? After years and years of trying to take … [Read more...]