Belonging everywhere… Settled nowhere


As I wrote in my last post I have been having a difficult time writing lately.  I have realized more and more why and the reality is, I have so much to deal with each day that at the end of, or even the beginning of the day, I have had very little brain power left to use on creative outlets of any kind.  However, many of my writings come from moments or events in my life that strike me when I … [Read more...]

To Love Myself: Loving Life Intentionally

You know that point in a movie or book when the character realizes what exactly they have and how precious and valuable it is? The "it's a wonderful life" George Bailey moment running through the streets like a crazy person so thankful- where when that which was taken from them is returned and they are changed? I guess my question is ... can you get that- that depth of appreciation and gut … [Read more...]

Country Living in the Fall…

How much wood...

Country Living really varies, season to season...Right now we are in the Fall Season, or as I like to call it, the "working season".  Okay, that is kind of misleading.  When you live in the country, it is always "working season". I don't work as much as the rest of the family on the hill, they tend to get bored if they are sitting too long.  (Unless of course they are in a tree stand, then they … [Read more...]

Something New


Yes, this post has a bit to do with ending, but mostly it's about something new. Life is really just a series of decisions, some good and some bad. I struggle making big decisions, I agonize and do pro and con lists until my brain is fuzzy and I lose focus on what actually I'm trying to decide. But this decision was pretty easy, although emotionally difficult. The fact is that Bear … [Read more...]