The World’s Biggest Party Half Marathon


I have shared in many post that I work for Camp Barnabas which is a camp for kids and adults with special needs.  I love my job and I love this camp it is one of the most unique places on earth and also my home.     Camp has been and will always be a home for me and for so many others.  I was having a conversation with a dear friend tonight and she has been talking with an adult … [Read more...]



Moving from the North to the South was quite a transition, but nothing, I mean NOTHING prepares you for Hog Fans!!  If you have never heard the Hogs being called, you are really missing out!  They do it EVERYWHERE!  I am not kidding!  I have witnessed them doing it at an Allen Jackson concert at the AMP, a Brian Regan show at the Walton Art Center, and I even participated once at a Women of … [Read more...]