Not just your average creamer…

1-nestle creamer

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you had it all figured out...planned each and every part of your week and just knew that things were going to go smoothly?  Neither have I. What makes it better for you?  My 'go to' drug of choice is coffee, liquid gold if you ask me!  In fact I usually just start my day with it no matter what and that way I can handle the curve balls much easier! … [Read more...]

bright and white snow business


After the disappointment of not getting a white Christmas like the forecast said, a small storm crept it's way in and gave us a thick, surprise dusting that sent the boys into an excited, noses-pressed-against-the-glass frenzy. Me as well! I was unprepared and Bug had mismatching gloves and Bear wore some socks from the hospital from his last surgery. It didn't matter, they ran around in circles … [Read more...]

Happies: the square, bathtime, our tree, a gate, first snow, (Pics!)

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Summit’s Snow Day (Pics!)

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