RIP Snickerdoodle {my cat, not the cookie}


I realize it's been a pretty epic bad week for my emotions about my dear cat slowly slipping from us - but I didn't realize how much it was affecting Bear and Bug until I heard Bug playing with his gray puppy- the one that looks just like my cat and said to me, blue eyes wide and  somber, "Puppy died." Earlier that week Bear unplugged my cell phone and it frustrated me quite a bit, "Stop … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Product Testing: Cat Food

Now, those of you who have a clue who I am know I love my cats. I wouldn't trade them for anything, even on their furball days. For years now, I've been whining about my cat Snickerdoodle's toxic poo. I mean, the stuff is disgusting vomit-inducing nastiness. It is the prime reason I have thought to force him outside, but as he has been a pampered prince most of his life, I'm afraid that sentence … [Read more...]

my brain is a ticking time bomb

If there has been any sort of running theme in my life these last few months, it has to be insanity, vomit and poop. It's sad and pathetic in a way that my stability has been mostly in bodily excrement. Today, for examp, I've already cleaned up cat poop from my cat Snickerdoodle, who has toxic chemical waste poop that is worse than a rotting corpse stuffed in a port-a-potty over the summer, … [Read more...]

I have a two-year-old now and it smells like poo in here

If my life was made into a scratch-n-sniff book it would smell like crap.Right now I'm procrastinating. I'm avoiding my bathroom and the smell in there and choosing instead to blog to cope with reality. But I really need to get ready, I look like a street walker right now with unmanageable hair and smeared up eyes from another disastrous encounter with liquid eyeliner. I'm suppose to go up to … [Read more...]