RIP Snickerdoodle {my cat, not the cookie}


I realize it's been a pretty epic bad week for my emotions about my dear cat slowly slipping from us - but I didn't realize how much it was affecting Bear and Bug until I heard Bug playing with his gray puppy- the one that looks just like my cat and said to me, blue eyes wide and  somber, "Puppy died." Earlier that week Bear unplugged my cell phone and it frustrated me quite a bit, "Stop … [Read more...]

Life and then some

Running through the rain.

As I fought back a torrent of tears earlier I realized how little I really let myself feel these days. Sure, there's the anxiety attacks that creep up and then grab me from behind like a friend yelling, "guess who?" in a cheerily delightful voice, but I drown them out speaking truth. Some times take longer than others. I have a friend who is dying from anerexia and I haven't seen her in awhile. … [Read more...]

shattered teacups & high hedges


My mom had an amazing collection of antique tea cups that belonged to my great grand-mother. They were beautiful, porcelain and delicate. Various shapes, sizes and colors; the kind of cups that Princesses drank tea out of. The handles were intricate, and each tea cup shone with rainbows and sunshine in my child's mind and my heart would beat in a quickened rhythm when my mother would let me … [Read more...]

Earning Bread

Lately I've wanted to post on a new DIY or craft-esque idea- but honestly I've not had the time or the energy to do anything. I think my ability to receive inspiration and have excitement has a lot to do with how things are going on in my life and lately everything has been different and a little difficult. Different isn't always bad- but usually when it's different things like hobbies take a … [Read more...]