Single (during the Holidays) and Lovin’ it?

Holiday Baking

A lot of my single friends tend to feel their 'singleness' more during the holidays and slip into a bit of 'woe is me...'  As I mentioned in my first "Single and Lovin' It" post, the fact that I have kids makes it difficult to feel alone.  Now that is not to say that I don't get lonely...In fact, I do feel the loneliness from time to time.  Part of the reason that it is more prominent to feel … [Read more...]

On the road to 27 dresses… is this real life?

gracie and jacob's wedding 5

  This was May of 2011 and it was one the most beautiful weddings that I have ever been in, in every aspect of the word.  It was in a beautiful location, there were great friends involved, Jacob and Gracie's  journey to this point had been one of great beauty, and still is.   I loved being a part of this and I have loved with all of my heart being a part of every wedding that I have … [Read more...]