Big Thirst = #CapriSunPickers

Garrett's Picking Kit #ad

My kids are ALWAYS thirsty...I mean always.  We heard about the Capri Sun Big Pouches and decided that we needed to go check them out. We headed out to Walmart to find them.  You can see my shopping trip here. They couldn't even wait until we were out of the parking lot to try them. When we got home, we threw a couple in the freezer!  That is our favorite way to drink/eat is … [Read more...]

#ad Be a Hunger Hero


I have found a cause that I am very supportive of, Champions for Kids.  My very first sponsored blog was done with them, and I have been supportive of them ever since!  I just love what they do for the community and especially for kids!  For the entire month of August, they are teaming up with Sam's Club and Tyson Foods.  What that means for YOU is that when you visit Sam's Club and purchase a … [Read more...]

Velveeta Equals Personal Feast


As a single mother, I rely on my boys to help out around the house a lot. Typically my boys are always ready to help out where ever they are needed.  However, some things take me asking more than once: "Please take out the trash." "I need the lawn mowed." "Did someone feed the cats this morning?" Other things only need to be mentioned casually: "I need to put new brakes on the … [Read more...]

Summertime Ease with Easy Snack Chicken

14-photo 1 (7)

I have this love/hate thing with summer...I LOVE the water and everything to do with water, but I HATE being hot and having to be in the kitchen for longer than 10 minutes! Quick chicken dinners and a swimming pool would fix my problems for sure!  My sister and I have talked back and forth over the last few years about putting in a pool.  We have always nixed the idea due to the fact that we … [Read more...]