Death & Faith


Not on the agenda today is planning a funeral for my 11-year-old cat Rolo who died unexpectedly last night in an accident. I keep thinking of how I should tell the boys and it's just a sad situation. I really didn't expect to feel this deeply like I lost a friend. My house just seemed a little darker this morning without the light of her life. She was a great cat- perfect with the kids, chill … [Read more...]

Cat Grooming, among other things.

Rolo didn't speak to us for a day.

What was your weekend like? Ben has been working a ton lately. It's usually ok because I have a lot of family that lives locally so they help out, but the ole "honey do" list has been piling up. A little exasperated I told Ben a few of the things that we NEEDED to get done and he said to pick the most important one... Here is a picture of the after. :) … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Product Testing: Cat Food

Now, those of you who have a clue who I am know I love my cats. I wouldn't trade them for anything, even on their furball days. For years now, I've been whining about my cat Snickerdoodle's toxic poo. I mean, the stuff is disgusting vomit-inducing nastiness. It is the prime reason I have thought to force him outside, but as he has been a pampered prince most of his life, I'm afraid that sentence … [Read more...]

my brain is a ticking time bomb

If there has been any sort of running theme in my life these last few months, it has to be insanity, vomit and poop. It's sad and pathetic in a way that my stability has been mostly in bodily excrement. Today, for examp, I've already cleaned up cat poop from my cat Snickerdoodle, who has toxic chemical waste poop that is worse than a rotting corpse stuffed in a port-a-potty over the summer, … [Read more...]