RIP Snickerdoodle {my cat, not the cookie}


I realize it's been a pretty epic bad week for my emotions about my dear cat slowly slipping from us - but I didn't realize how much it was affecting Bear and Bug until I heard Bug playing with his gray puppy- the one that looks just like my cat and said to me, blue eyes wide and  somber, "Puppy died." Earlier that week Bear unplugged my cell phone and it frustrated me quite a bit, "Stop … [Read more...]

These are the days…

Eating out has been so ... hard...

So remember back when I said I was going to do a blog series on going back to work? On quick and easy fashion, cheap work clothes and then on how I cook? Yeah. So that hasn't happened like I planned on. The reality is that how busy I am is a completely true reflection of a working mom. Instead of a fashion post today, I'll just be honest about a few things. I'm struggling- and I feel that this … [Read more...]

Earning Bread

Lately I've wanted to post on a new DIY or craft-esque idea- but honestly I've not had the time or the energy to do anything. I think my ability to receive inspiration and have excitement has a lot to do with how things are going on in my life and lately everything has been different and a little difficult. Different isn't always bad- but usually when it's different things like hobbies take a … [Read more...]

thrashing expired mammals of transportation

I know, it's like beating a dead horse or some such else nonsensical phrase to describe my repetitiveness in speaking of the pain in my heart. I'm not kidding about God being a pain relieving drug, he is so close I could touch him. But there are the still and quiet times when I'm staggered at the losses I've had this year. I can't resolve the joy in my life, the things I see God doing and the … [Read more...]