The World’s Biggest Party Half Marathon


I have shared in many post that I work for Camp Barnabas which is a camp for kids and adults with special needs.  I love my job and I love this camp it is one of the most unique places on earth and also my home.     Camp has been and will always be a home for me and for so many others.  I was having a conversation with a dear friend tonight and she has been talking with an adult … [Read more...]

Belonging everywhere… Settled nowhere


As I wrote in my last post I have been having a difficult time writing lately.  I have realized more and more why and the reality is, I have so much to deal with each day that at the end of, or even the beginning of the day, I have had very little brain power left to use on creative outlets of any kind.  However, many of my writings come from moments or events in my life that strike me when I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Safety FAIL


The heart-stopping moment during an impromptu photo session when you see your child doing something life threatening and you see it through the view finder of your camera as you click away. STOP!!! Oh, and this is the face. :) Sweet little mischief maker... … [Read more...]

my boys, Valentine’s Day 2012

valentine's day

  An early Wordless Wednesday for you since it's Valentine's Day. … [Read more...]