Springing or Stumbling: the pursuit of inner peace


Spring forward came and that next Monday I ran to my car in the dark, headlights illuminating the house.  I felt the giddiness of when something feels different, my body awake a hour early surprised us both with a coherent morning start. I let the silence in the car permeate, soak deep and mentally I prepared for the week. For me, that week previous was the hardest week at my job yet, murphy's … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday…Country Living Style

Garden Country Living

"You look peaceful", she said.  "It's like you are one with nature", she said... I'm hot, sweaty, covered in bug bites, aching legs and back...   But I'm at peace. … [Read more...]

of patience and the heartache


Most of you didn't know, some of you had heard and a few of you knew it all. We had expected to be living somewhere else this week.  I've lightly mentioned it, but it started last July, when we both felt God tell us we were moving to the mountains. We pursued the avenue we felt he called us through. and it didn't work out. Simply, it wasn't his will. Perhaps it's at this time, perhaps … [Read more...]

Belonging everywhere… Settled nowhere


As I wrote in my last post I have been having a difficult time writing lately.  I have realized more and more why and the reality is, I have so much to deal with each day that at the end of, or even the beginning of the day, I have had very little brain power left to use on creative outlets of any kind.  However, many of my writings come from moments or events in my life that strike me when I … [Read more...]