In protest of Cynicism…

More music that is rocking my soul- the lyrics on this new album of Derek's are sharpening me, at times painfully. I love music that I don't always understand the full meaning of the first time through, I've been chewing on these two songs the last few weeks. Listen & share and hey- his album is available for pre-sale on his website. Order it.   "I'm always looking for the right … [Read more...]

Eye of the Hurricane {New Music Release by Derek Webb}

I hate it when this happens. **Press play. Me: Hey Ben, I want you to hear this song, I LOVE it, it's meant a lot to me and really captures how I feel- Ben: (polite face) Me:  (trying to squeeze all the set-up dialogue before the musician starts to sing) -right now on a deeply emotional basis. In fact, if I were to, say, have a theme song, this one would be it. It's seldom that  I … [Read more...]

I was wrong, I’m sorry & I love you… {New Music Release by Derek Webb} the name of Derek Webb's new album and single for his upcoming Apology Tour. #iwaswrong Skip to bottom to see his new music video- Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post, I've been a fan of Derek's (see how I dropped the Webb? very informal because we're friends... kinda... ok, it's completely one sided) since the mid 1990's when Caedmon's Call came out with their first album. I … [Read more...]

Sweet Dreams…Thanks To Vintage Trouble


So, I am curious, did you watch Vintage Trouble on Jay Leno's show  tonight last night?  I couldn't wait to let you know my thoughts! First, I don't have tv...I mean, I HAVE a tv, but it only plays Netflix and DVD's.  So, because I am already a dedicated fan (yeah, it only took a few days), I drove up the hill to my parents house to watch the show.  My mom was very sweet and had the tv turned … [Read more...]