Earning My Way


I have mentioned in a number of posts that my job is a little on the crazy, wonderful, unpredictable and amazing side on a regular basis, and the current post will only prove that in new and beautiful way. I work with young adults with special needs. My job challenges me everyday.   With that, this week I had a great example of watching someone struggle through something that we all … [Read more...]

Real Love… The beginning patchwork of something beautiful


Love..... such a word in our culture. Often it is just that, a word.  In the same breath that we say we have the deepest and most adoring love for someone we also so passionately proclaim the love we have for the new Taco Bell Doritos taco.  We are not only a culture that doesn't understand true love but we don't even have the words in our language to begin to understand it. While you … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday- Love


[Read more...]

Changing Lives One Drop At A Time- NWA Water: Walk


While I currently do not live in Northwest Arkansas I still love and, when I am able to do so,am involved in a several things within the community.  Northwest Arkansas has so many great things to offer for anyone from fun family events to very active organizations that are changing many things in the surrounding community and on an even greater scale, the world. One of the … [Read more...]