... was Mother's Day. I had a perfect day full blue skies, the warm sun, happy voices, picnics, sleeping late, a new mint dress, famous art that made my heart pound and Starbucks. :) Maybe no day is truly perfect (Bear refused to listen to us while he rode his bike on a pathway and crashed an Indian Kite Festival) but perhaps it was the small mistakes, frustrations and "SMILE DANGGIT AT … [Read more...]

Baked Chicken with Tomato & Basil {Gluten Free}

smart chicken recipe

As a lot of you already know, lately I've been struggling with my 2 year old's nutrition. The other day I posted a snarky Facebook update at 2 am in an exhausted frustration after denying my child an alternate dinner in a (desperate) attempt to get him to be less picky. The result of my firm line of parenting is that he was wide awake screeching he was hungry! We had a banana snack around 2:30 am … [Read more...]

Bear & Bug {Easter Edition}

I know this isn't what Easter is about, I could write for days about what it means to me but on this very hurried and rushed morning, I'll leave you with a few images that make me smile. God created humor, didn't he? :)   … [Read more...]

Crystal Bridges Museum Visit {with my 2 little boys…}

Crystal Bridges

I want my boys to have some fine culture. I feel like I provide plenty of Country Living culture and expose them to plenty of other great aspects of life in NW Arkansas, but I've never given them any exposure to anything... classy. Conveniently, Crystal Bridges is a world class museum just 20 minutes from my house with priceless pieces of art, beautiful trails and grounds and is free of … [Read more...]