Sweet Friends

MJ and Rhonda at camper arrival.  They just love being together and MJ always looks to find Rhonda to be next to her.

The camp season has started back up and though my roll is very different in the summer the love of the camp experience is still the same. I am always changed by the things that happen here and always touched no matter how many times I have seen the same weeks, same campers, and everything camp. Today I want to share a sweet story of two precious friends that love each other so much and yet … [Read more...]

What Christmas Is All About… (Guest Post)


This is a guest post from my dear daughter Madison.  She just turned 12 in November.  This was written Christmas Eve and then she read it to the family at lunch. What Christmas Is About... By Madison My opinion in what Christmas is about.  Well I think that Christmas is about family coming together to celebrate the birth of Jesus!!!!! And spend time with each other and just hang out!  Now … [Read more...]

Vintage, Glitter and White Christmas Mantle {DIY}

Decorated Mantle

This year Christmas decorations are all about Vintage, Glitter and White. This year I decided not to put up my Christmas Tree. I know, collectively everyone can gasp with horror! ... it's a weird decision but I DID put up a small one with some unbreakable (we'll see about that...) ornaments on so the boys at least have something. Why, you ask, did I not put a tree up? Well, for those of you … [Read more...]

A Pinterest Party With a Cause {Prizes}// ENDED

BADGE for Pinterest Party

Update! Sorry for the delay! My first winner did not respond so Congratulations to the Mimi Baker! Please email me at HeidiClark@collectivebias.com so we can send you your Grand Prize!   Pinterest. Just the word sends ripples of anticipation throughout my brain- images of rooms perfected by a unique craft or a table spread with the most delectable delicacies hand crafted by moi!  I … [Read more...]