My Journey from Less Stuff to Living Life

Rows of RV's

I am thinking that this will be more of a series than just one blog post...isn't that what a journey is?  I don't know about you, but I don't want to feel like I have 'arrived' at Living Life. Okay, so this "Journey" has been in my mind for a few months now, so what sparked me to actually DO something about it you ask? I was headed to Turkey Track with a friend (for my out of state friends, … [Read more...]

Brain power… where oh where have you gone?


My last post was all about my return from lingering in the dark ages for a few weeks with out any internet access and the great return I would have in my writing journey following the grand internet restoration.  Well... that return has proven it's self to be an epic fail. I have been racking my brain for weeks about things to write and the truth is that I just have nothing... I mean nothing. … [Read more...]

NWA Boutique Show VIP Tickets, Bliss Cupcake & the Global Shoppe {Giveaway for NW Arkansas}


Congrats to Jacqueline Presley for winning the giveaway!!!! WOW! Jacqueline is going to start to write for this blog starting soon so I almost picked someone else to be "fair" but since she isn't writing for me yet, not picking her would be even MORE unfair. :) I'm so happy that she won, for everyone else, thanks for entering and hope to see you this weekend! ********** I absolutely love … [Read more...]

Judgement & My Crazy Boys


The other day I was in Target and a woman felt like jumping into my life as I walked in the door with my 2 crazy boys. After frowning heavily at me and my friend I was shopping with, she obviously assumed we were lesbians and finished off her critical, verbal tirade looking at each of us with, "It's really not that hard to figure out what he [Bug] is trying to say." Implying me and my … [Read more...]