GoodNites for Me!


As a lot of you know, Bear, 5 1/2,  had surgery almost 5 weeks ago. Something I didn't mention was that he has been in diapers pretty much ever since. It was on his intestines and so I knew from the doctor that he would probably have to wear a diaper for some time but ... 5 weeks now? I feel like I have 2 toddlers and with Bug, 2 1/2,  in the beginning stages of potty training, I really feel … [Read more...]

Spanx for Calves


I love boots. I love sales. Boot sales are like the best thing ever. Like it's been said before, shoes are your friends. No matter how much your weight fluctuates, the shoes on your feet are loyal to you, not judging your muffin top or junk in the trunk. In the past, cheap shoes were always the way I went. I could get shoes more often and they'd be super trendy and uncomfortable. Now that I"m … [Read more...]

el hulimation de mio

With my horrible Spanish title, I am plunged into memories of a mission trip to Mexico where this random guy HATED me for some reason far beyond my scope of comprehension and I distinctly remember him saying to me after witnessing my attempts at conversing with the locals, "Heidi, I wish that you wouldn't even try to speak Spanish, the way you butcher it so" or some sort else type snobbery and … [Read more...]

Yes, really.

When I'm having a crazy horrid day I think to myself "this will make a good post for my blog and probably will make someone have a much better day after reading this because almost anyone is having a better day than me right now" and that thought keeps me going. Sadly enough. This is what has happened in the last 4 hours:Back story: So, I got up late today. Ben and I were up late cleaning and … [Read more...]