Practical guide for introverts to survive “Greeting your Neighbor” at church

For my bible belt friends... all in good fun.  "Now turn and greet your neighbor!" My heart briefly sinks every time I hear that before it returns to the rapid beating of anxiety. My palms go sweaty and I nervously look around in fear- wondering which awkward encounter to have first. I understand that the "greeting your neighbor" time is suppose to be about fellowshipping with other … [Read more...]

These are the days…

Eating out has been so ... hard...

So remember back when I said I was going to do a blog series on going back to work? On quick and easy fashion, cheap work clothes and then on how I cook? Yeah. So that hasn't happened like I planned on. The reality is that how busy I am is a completely true reflection of a working mom. Instead of a fashion post today, I'll just be honest about a few things. I'm struggling- and I feel that this … [Read more...]

Overcoming the 5K Ghosts


Despite my misgivings about whether to conform and run in a 5k or not... when a friend asked me to run with her in a 5k to raise money and support for Autism, I gladly agreed. OK, I'll explain my snarky opening- So, when you say that you like to run people automatically ask "So, have you run in a 5k?" Like that some how legitimizes you. Like, you can't possibly be a runner and not have … [Read more...]

To Love Myself: Health and Truth

in the Light

After not being able to eat a meal for 4 days because of a bad case of strep throat, I began to appreciate how delicious food is and LIFE giving. Every time I'd try to eat I'd be choking it down and the effort to swallow felt like needles stabbing me. This was a terrible, terrible ordeal and in the middle of it I found myself bargaining with God for health, praying to God for health and … [Read more...]