Wordless Wednesday: Ruh Roh


Egg. Everywhere. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Photos We Will Never Use For Our Christmas Card…


Last Year- WOW. Nope- this one wasn't used on our Christmas card!!! Hilarious- this is another reason I love Jennifer Flowers- she really captures the spirit of our family- check her out: 6:25 Portraits, she is AMAZING. I only go to her when I need family pictures and highly recommend her. … [Read more...]

Life With {My Precious} Boys.


As the boys try to choke each other in the living room, Bug dancing out of his brothers reach with the puzzle piece he knows his older brother wants, I can't help but sigh in resignation of the day. My white flag is up, hands held high in the deepest surrender. I give up for today and I feel physically beat up. Finishing a conversation with Ben as he drove home on this epic fail of a day I said, … [Read more...]

Spanx for Calves


I love boots. I love sales. Boot sales are like the best thing ever. Like it's been said before, shoes are your friends. No matter how much your weight fluctuates, the shoes on your feet are loyal to you, not judging your muffin top or junk in the trunk. In the past, cheap shoes were always the way I went. I could get shoes more often and they'd be super trendy and uncomfortable. Now that I"m … [Read more...]