At the Farm {Living Locally}


...Economic Development, Education, Hunger Relief, and Community The other day I had the privilege to get to go to a place that I had heard about for years and had wanted to visit. I have always thought extremely highly of both the organization and the people involved. Cobblestone is an actual working farm that has a sold out program where locals can buy a basket of seasonal produce and free … [Read more...]

6 days until Mom Prom!

Mom Prom

If you have followed my blog for a few years you have seen how much it has changed and evolved. There have been a lot of hard times, from Ben losing his job, health problems with Bear and dealing with his disability as well as financial issues. To look back for me is a beautiful thing. I can love and appreciate each great day like the gift that it is. I started working at CCF Brands about 2 … [Read more...]

Canned Food Drive {November 15th, 16th & 17th}


The little things that we do for others count. I think that a lot of times I over think giving back or doing good for others. I feel like if I can't give big, then it doesn't matter- which is so wrong. Sometimes it's buying an extra box of cereal or some canned goods to donate- it's affordable, simple and done regularly, it MATTERS. When I heard that Tim and Jeff from Power 105.7 here in NW … [Read more...]

One Day Without Shoes #withoutshoes


Today, in support of One Day Without Shoes, I'm going barefoot. I'm a clean freak, I'm a tenderfoot and I hate having dirty feet. Which is why I am doing this. By habit I had already put my shoes on this morning and walked out the door to take Bear to school and realized when I got home that this is something many people don't have the luxury of. It's not just that this is the most … [Read more...]